U of You

A Message from The U

It’s all about the Shift in this life.

Everything is what it is…until it isn’t any more.

A moment of understanding, an act of forgiveness, a decision made. Perhaps a death of a loved one and…Suddenly, nothing is the same. We find ourselves Shifted into a new reality.

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Sometimes we’re excited about the Shift.

Sometimes it’s subtle.

And, sometimes, it’s just devastating.

But none the less, Shift Happens in this life and we have to go on.

Physical events like the injury or death of a loved one certainly change everything, but thoughts, decisions, forgiveness – they change everything, too.

For we live in a Universe that interacts and responds to us – our thoughts, our feelings, our intents, our actions. Everything we see in this world around us revolve around the way we perceive – the decisions we make about how things are.

Sages have been telling us this for thousands of years. Quantum Physics has proven it. Yet, the majority of us continue to live as if this were not true.

What if we began to live in this truth?

How would life look then?

Do you see a glimpse of what could be if you knew how the Universe and the World We Live In really work?

I don’t know about you, but I never got an instruction manual upon arrival. Sure would have come in handy, though.

Best we can do now…is just figure it out. Proceed with our journey, only now looking for the clues that lead us to a Connection to this Universe that Interacts and Responds to us.

What exactly is it that we are trying to connect with…this Universe that Interacts and Responds to us? I’ve heard it called The Creator, Lord, The Almighty, The Universal Mind, Higher Power, The Supreme Being, Spirit, All That Is, Yahweh, Universal Life Force, Source…God.

Call it whatever you wish – whatever feels right for you – but call it. Call to it, for it will answer, and it will answer in the most amazing ways.

Cultivate Your Connection to this and Change Your World…for in this Space Anything is Possible.

Do you think connecting to The Energy of The Universe is only for the Metaphysical Groupies of the World? Think again. We are all connected.

Do you think talking to your Loved One on The Other Side is only for the Mediums of this World? Shift your thought. Our loved ones are talking to us, too.

Do you think having a conversation with God, asking a question and receiving an answer, is only for the religious? Understand Source connects to all.

Decide to live in Connection. Feel the love.

When we put our thoughts to Connection, The Universe responds in Magical Ways. Live in The Magic.

Discussions, talks, chit chats, chinwagging about This Magic puts our attention on the Connection and Enables us to Shift the Energy we want in our lives Into Existence.

Want to Connect to The Magic of The Universe? Perceive that you are already connected – Because You Are.

Want Tools for Your Journey? Learn different ways to Connect at Talking Shift’s U of You. Reawaken Your Curiosity of the World We Live In.

And, let’s continue to Shoot the Shift together as we Purposely Shift our Lives into The Magic of the Universe.

Until We Connect Again…

In Love & Light,

Robyn and The Talking Shift Team


Cultivate Your Connection

Shift into Conversation with Spirit

With Talking Shift’s Speak the Language of Spirit™ Program

Let’s Talk Shift

4 Shifts is All it Takes for You

To Master Your Conversations with Spirit

For You to Speak the Language of Spirit™


  • Course 1:  Building Your Bridge to Connection to Spirit
    • Shifting the way you perceive the way the world works – Seeing from Your Bridge your place in the world around you.
  • Course 2:  The Map of Me in Numb3r5
    • Shifting the way you see yourself – Getting to know the You inside you longing to come out.
  • Course 3:  The Energetic Map of Me in Color
    • Shifting the way you see your energetic self – Getting to know You as energy.
  • Course 4:  Speaking with Spirit through Symbols
    • Shifting into Conversation with Spirit – Spirit conversing with You through signs and symbols.

Conversing with Spirit

Begins with Building Your Bridge to Connection

Course 1

Building The Foundation of Your Bridge

  • Framing The World we Live In with Universal Truths
  • We live in a Universe that Responds To and Interacts With the energies around it – You
  • Time and Space is relative
  • We are Connected to All That Is
  • And, More Universal Truths

Standing on Your Bridge

  • Seeing from Your Bridge Beyond the Ordinary Physical World into The World of Spirit
  • Shifting into a this New Understanding of The World You Live In
    • With exercises designed for You to Feel The Connection – Hear The Connection – See The Connection
    • Play in the Connection
    • Adventure with Spirit

The Next Leg of the Journey Is To…

“Know thyself, and thou shalt know the Universe and God.”

Know Thyself

Course 2 & 3

The Map of Me in Numb3r5

The Energetic Map of Me in Color

  • Find Out WHY You Came Here
  • The Personality Characteristics You Have
  • Your Natural Aptitudes..Your Vulnerabilities
  • What Lessons You Came Here to Learn
  • Even…Your Purpose
  • Find The Hidden Messages…In Your Birthdate…In Your Name…
  • Find out what this day, month or year has to offer You
  • See who others in Your Life really are
  • Learn How to Read Your Map of Me…In Numbers
  • Learn How The Energetic You works in Accord with The Physical You
  • See The Energetic You…Spirit in You…Manifested in the Physical
  • Learn about Your Energy Centers…The Way Your Energy Integrates with Your Physical Body…The Colors and The Energy Associated with Each Center
  • See What Happens when You’re Living Aligned in these Energies…and What Happens…Physically and Spiritually…if You’re Not

Learn All About The Energy of You…With Your Map of Me in Numbers & Colors

Get To Know Thyself

The Real You…Buried Deep Within…

The One that Lives below the Illusions of The Physical.

The One that’s aching to Express Itself in Love, Joy, Humor, Delight…

It’s an Adventure of You.

The Final Leg of The Journey

“Symbolism is no mere idle fancy…it is inherent in the very fabric of texture of human life.”

~ Alfred Whitehead

Speaking with Spirit through Symbols

Course 4

The Ancient Language of Symbology:

  • Communicate Entire Ideas, Concepts and Conversations with Just One Symbol
  • Find the Concealment and Revelation of Meaning and Messages in Symbols
  • See the Ancient and Modern Symbols of This World and The Meanings Associated with Them – for as we as mankind have grown so too have the Symbols used to communicate
  • Go Word 4 Word with Spirit as Words Are Symbols of Communication Too
  • Hone Your Communication Skills – Define the Language You’ll Use in Your Conversation with Spirit

Get to Know The Universe & God

Learn to Speak the Language of Spirit™ This Year

Get to know Thyself, The Universe & God

  • We’ll Host Live Q & A’s answering Your Questions on What’s Showing Up for You…
  • What’s Shifted in Your World since Your Own Shift
  • To Help You Discern The Messages from Spirit
  • You’ll be Part of the Community
  • You’ll Connect & Converse with Robyn, The Talking Shift Team and Your Fellow Travelers…
  • In the Class Discussion Board, in a Private Facebook Forum and
  • A Lot of You Will Connect Outside of This Community…
  • Having Met a New Friend or Two on The Journey

Open the Door to New Possibilities – New Encounters – New Connections – New Adventures…

Speak The Language of Spirit™




Speak the Language of Spirit™
Experience The Magic of The Universe
Live Connected & Conversing to All That Is…This Side and The Other

Get Connected and Conversing with the Magic of the Universe

This Side and The Other – Your Loved Ones on The Other Side