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Speak The Language of Spirit™

Four Courses in One Program!

Learn to Live Connected and Conversing with Spirit

  • Course 1:  Building Your Bridge to Connection to Spirit
    •  Seeing from Your Bridge how the world really works – Shifting the way you perceive the way the world around you interacts and respond to You
  • Course 2:  The Map of Me in Numb3r5
    • Getting to know the You inside you longing to come out – Shifting the way you see yourself
  • Course 3:  The Energetic Map of Me in Color
    • Getting to know You as energy – Shifting the way you see your energetic self
  • Course 4:  Speaking with Spirit through Symbols
    • Conversing with Spirit through signs and symbols – Shifting into Conversation with Spirit

“Know Thyself, Then You Can Know The Universe and God.”


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