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Connect to Spirit, With Robyn Reynolds
Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Join Rev. Evelyn as she talks with Robyn Reynolds of Talking Shift about the importance of knowing how we are totally connected.

Robyn shares with us a story that shifts her relationship with her late son, going from the before and after of his physical existence. She generously shares the myriad of ways we can use tools like numbers, colors, animals, cards, dowsing, spiritual photography, and more to learn about ourselves and connect with loved ones on this side and the other side of life.

In this lighthearted episode, Rev. Evelyn and Robyn talk about signs and ways to decipher and discern what personal messages the universe has for us. Robyn shares with us some tools that are available when we open our eyes, ears, and heart to what is ours to know.

Cari Roy – The New Orleans’ Psychic and Medium – NOTED AS BEST PSYCHIC MEDIUM IN NEW ORLEANS by TRAVELCHANNEL.COM and recommended NUMBER ONE PSYCHIC MEDIUM TO SEE IN THE USA by BBCAMERICA.COM sits down with our very own Robyn Reynolds of Talking Shift to Shoot the Shift about Connecting with Spirit.

Cari shares how she tunes into the sitters being to see the who, what and where details of the life experience and works with them to enhance and enrich all aspects of the journey of life.

As a medium, she opens herself to The Spirits that wish to speak and to aid in bringing solace from our loved ones who have passed.

Growing up in both the woo woo world of psychics and mediums and scholarly science minded family she offers a unique look into the metaphysical world of Connecting with Spirit.