I love talking Shift…

‘Cause when we Shift…

When we change the way we look at something…

What we look at…Changes.

It’s the Magic of the Universe.

A Shift in Energy is Always Followed by a Change in Reality.  Always.

Awaken the Spirit – Shift Into Connection

Hi, I’m Robyn Reynolds

I’m an ordinary every day person like most of you. Been that way most of my life. Probably a little more open to shift than the average, but I’m none-the-less, an ordinary every day person…living an extraordinary life.

Like many ordinary every day people my entrance into the extraordinary was brought about by tragedy. My partner Connie and I lost her 20 year-old son, Kyle, in a car accident. I needed to know he was okay, that he survived his physical death. Same things we all worry about when we lose a loved one.

This need to know Kyle was okay began my journey into the world we live in – shifting it from what I once knew into something completely different. I learned that it’s not as ordinary and average as we think. It’s dynamic, magical and made up entirely of energy. Best thing about it is it’s interactive – it responds to us. Even us ordinary every day people.

You don’t need a tragedy to throw your life into the extraordinary – you can use mine to shift your perception of the world and thus your life. Kyle never met a stranger and will gladly help.

If it’s too soon in your journey to talk to dead people think of him as energy that has just changed forms…or don’t talk to him at all – it’s all good ‘cause it’s all God (energy).

In Love & Light,


Robyn delights in playing in the Energies of the Universe – Connecting with the World around her – the energies…of numbers, colors, flowers, animals, language, situations, synchronicities, people…people like you…and our Loved Ones on The Other Side.

And, she loves teaching how you, too, can Experience the Magic by becoming Fluent in The Language of Spirit with her Building Your Bridge to Connection to Spirit eCourse Speak The Language of Spirit TM as a gateway into Connecting to Spirit. 

Robyn’s fully embraced this Shift the Universe threw at her. Her accomplishments include becoming a Reiki Master working with The Energies of The Universe to Heal herself and others. She’s a certified Dr. of Shamanism, an Ordained Minister, a certified Hospice Volunteer, certified Grief Councilor and an Author. She’s also a Dowser connecting with The Energies of The Universe with a pendulum.



Robyn and Talking Shift


We know the importance of going beyond listening to our own inner voice.

To live Connected to the Energies around us, including our Loved Ones on the Other Side, we delve into all that is around us, into the World of Optimism, Risk and Miracles and Live with Faith in the Unexplained so that we may discover and share with you the simplicity in our Miracle-Laden World.

We’re passionate about this Shift for Me and You. We created Talking Shift so that we had a place to Talk Shift, together, to Grow, Expand and Connect…Together.  To Speak the Language of Spirit…to Each Other and The World Around Us.  We’re dedicated to helping you Transform your Shift and am committed to genuinely guiding, coaching and supporting you in making your own Shift Happen.


Dragonfly Magic

The Magic of Light in Motion

The Dragonfly reminds us we, too, are Light in Motion…The Soul…Expressing Itself…on Earth…in Human Form.

Living in her Magic allows us to get beyond the Self Created Illusions of this world and into the Magic of Spirit in this life.

She is The Keeper of the Colors…of You…for you are made of these colors.

The Dragonfly reminds you to allow these colors of you…your true colors…to emerge.

Her wings reflect and refract light shifting her colors as she flies. Each shift bringing with it a flash of sight – The Universe revealing the secrets of The Magic.

Born to the water…the land of pure potential. She moves from this potential into the realm of the physical… into the air and wind.

She Soars into the physical shifting, changing, transforming.

Eternally dancing in the energy, vibration and love of All That Is.

This is the journey we have embarked on together at Talking Shift – Shifting our thoughts from those Self Created Illusions into the Magic of Spirit.

May you all continue the Dance with the Dragonfly.


We’re in the midst of a Journey of Connection.

Come along with us as we find Peace, Joy and Abundant Spiritual Company in the Discoveries Along the Way.



You Can Do This


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