LET THEM KNOW…That I am Here

By Robyn L. Reynolds

A remarkable story of life after death demonstrated with beautiful spirit photography from around the world.

With the choice of how to be in this life after the devastating loss of an only child, a journey began to not live in the grief of this loss, but to honor the essence of this child and the lives that remained yet lived.

This decision brought with it a journey of Discovery and Connection to not only what they thought they had lost, but to the Mystery and Magic of life itself.


Let Them Know…That I am Here depicts a grieving journey in a simple, soothing and benevolent manner, while leading the reader to a place of healing and personal growth”. Lisa Burke, N.D.


Trusting in the unexplained as a natural pattern of life is difficult, especially when it involves the loss of a loved one.

This book will lead you, or someone you care about, to a place of wholeness of spirit and discovery when you lose a loved one.


There is no secret way to resolve grief of any kind, but Let Them Know…That I am Here has precious jewels of wisdom that teach us all the importance of going beyond listening to our inner voice. We must delve into all that is around us, into the world of optimism, risk and miracles to have faith in the unexplained in order to discover the simplicity in our miracle-laden world.


Losing a loved one can crush the soul. Let Them Know…That I am Here gave a Soul Healing and Spiritual Connection through the medium of photography to the author.

Perhaps it can do the same for you or one you love.


The pages contained within this book will bring the reader into a deeper understanding that our loved ones who have passed on are not gone; they are with us through invisible touch, telepathic dreams, communicative objects and insightful visions.

“I love that the reader follows Robyn and Connie through the various stages of discovering the new perception of life and afterlife, and without dictating what the reader should or should not believe, we totally get the eloquence and beauty of it all. Reading this has made a HUGE difference in my grieving process…and I didn’t expect that when I started reading. I am left with an almost overwhelming feeling of peace by just reading this.”

Cris Wanzer- Geyserville, CA


A Book For All Levels Of Grief

Let Them Know…That I am Here safely harbors information for people of all grief levels, whether they’ve lost someone they loved years ago or they are newly bereaved.

If you are grieving the loss of a loved one, this book will benefit you – it may even transform your grief – for our loved ones are still…and they are here and near, ready to talk to us.

A Book Based On Personal Experience

This book was written based on personal experience outlining a journey of reconnection to what was thought to have been lost forever…

“…pictures validated the connection we had to Kyle. I no longer had to believe it was his voice I heard, his presence I felt. I knew it was. The more pictures I took the more I could feel the connection at the time the picture was taken…Kyle still was.”

A Word From The Author


“ The only way I know how to live now is connected and conversing with my loved ones on the other side. They are a part of who I am…then and now. They are here and near – participating in all I do.

Same holds true for your peeps on the Other Side  🙂

There is no other way for me. ”


Let Them Know… Perhaps it will begin a Soul Healing Connection of their Own to their Loved One on the Other Side.

eBook $9.99

Robyn’s book invites you step into her thoughts and her experiences as she makes her spiritual journey through her own personal loss. It’s a gentle step, one you don’t even realize you are making but you can easily relate to on multiple levels. Her presence and words are simple, open, honest, and yet no pressure or even any hinting at any sort of belief system. It’s a friendly conversation that invites you to discover more about yourself and how you can interact with your loved ones and the world around you. If this book appears in front of you it was no coincidence, pick it up, something is letting you know it’s there! Enjoy the journey!

Ash Bates, CMT