Awaken The Spirit


Into Connection

shift [SHift]

 VERB move or cause to move from one place to another,

especially over a small distance

 NOUN a slight change in position, direction, or tendency


When we Shift our Thoughts from One Place to Another…

What we Look at…Changes


Have Faith in the Unexplained

Discover Your Connection

Talking Shift helps You Learn

How to Shift your Thoughts

From one Place to Another

So you can…

Build Your Bridge…To Connection to Spirit…

Speak the Language of Spirit™…

Live your Life Connected and Conversing

with The Magic of the Universe and

Your Loved Ones on the Other Side…

New Adventures Beckon When We Shift

You don’t have to Cross the Bridge…

to Connect to Your Loved Ones

on the Other Side

By Building Your Bridge…To Connection to Spirit…You Can Connect in the Here and Now

Shift into Connection

Speak the Language of Spirit™

We are not alone on this Journey.

Source is With Us – Every Step of the Way.

Our Loved Ones are Here and Near – Interacting with us daily as we go through this Journey of Life.

And…They are Talking to Us.

If we learn to Speak the Language of Spirit™…We can Converse with the Universe and All That’s In It – This Side and The Other.

Learn to Speak the Language of Spirit™.

Shift into Connection.

Stir the Spirit in Your Life 

A Message From Me To You

I’ve Been Where You Are.

If you are living in the humdrum of life…


Tired of the monotony of today’s daily life…

Living in the loss of someone or something you loved…

I’m here to let you know…

You can Peacefully and Naturally Shift into a Connected and Magical Experience of the Universe….

With Your Loved Ones from the Other Side Here and Near.

A Proven System That Works

If you’ve been stuck or overwhelmed our community is where you’ll Shift your focus and your life.

Judy Wilson


After my mother died I connected with Robyn…and started Talking Shift.

It was different at first, to look at things differently than I had my whole life, but I wanted to talk to my mother again.

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I wanted to know that she was okay and that I missed her. That I loved her.  That I was thankful for the lifetime of love we shared.

And, to tell her these things…I had to shift the way I was looking at life…and death.  I had to shift into a Connection so we could talk.  I had to learn The Language of Spirit.

I didn’t understand it at first, but I found myself constantly thinking about this shift.  I just keep coming back to it.

I missed my mother so.

I reached out and started a conversation with Robyn at first. It was a little uncomfortable talking about things outside of what I thought was possible. But before long I made a shift, then another, and another. With a little bit of time I was conversing with Mother.  I was speaking The Language of Spirit.

Everywhere I went it seemed like she was conversing with me, too! At first I’d have second thoughts that the things happening were signs from my mother and I’d tell myself it was just a coincident. But then things really got interesting.

I’d think about something or wonder how my mother might have felt about something and I’d get the answer. Sometimes it was a butterfly (the first time was in the middle winter), sometimes a person would say something my mother used to say and sometimes I’d have a really vivid dream of Mother telling me just what I needed to hear.

It really got my attention. I still miss my mom. She was my best friend. But knowing now that she is here with me – especially if I ask her to be – makes it so much easier to live without the physical her.

I can breath again. And, I can celebrate her in my daily life again.

Susan Fernandez


Working with Talking Shift has changed my life! I learned to have an actual conversation with the Universe and I’ve started to Speak the Language of Spirit.

Now when I ask questions – I get answers!

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Robyn showed me, by Talking Shift, how to connect with the Energies of the Universe.

And, my favorite way to Connect…is by Dowsing with the Pendulum.

The Pendulum’s not what I thought it would be.  It’s awesome. I can check the energy of situations, people and even road trips before I leave home to make sure I’m not only safe, but supported.

And, I do.  I check everything to make sure the energy is inline with my highest and best interest. When it’s not, I Shift the Energy, just like Robyn – Talking Shift – taught me.

I really feel like I’m playing in the Magic of the Universe.

I know Robyn hasn’t launched her Dowsing with The Divine course yet or her Shift into Healing Yourself and Others  (and a lot more cool stuff) course, but when she does, you need to sign up!

After learning to Shift into the healing energies of the Universe I feel so much better!

After years of constant pain in my foot I am pain free 90% of the time. And, my knee, which needed surgery, no longer does.  I don’t limp any more and it works like it should.

Shifting into living in Connection has made me much more receptive to the energies of others.  I frequently know when others are sending me positive, loving, healing energy.

Robyn and I even validated it’s not just in my head by documenting times the energy work started and finished – without talking to each other – we did it energetically!

I feel excited about life again.

Living in the love of it all.

Christi Chambers


Robyn came into my life at a very sad, difficult time. We met through mutual friends while planning a memorial celebration for a 5 year old boy who died suddenly in our community.

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I learned a lot about spirituality with Robyn by Talking Shift, including how a pendulum worked. The group was getting mixed messages about things planned for the memorial and things we wanted to do weren’t coming together.

Robyn used her pendulum to clear the stuck energy and bring in the energy needed for a smooth and loving tribute. Every decision we made after led us to people that readily and lovingly helped us pull it all together.

Robyn also gave me and my twelve year old son our first pendulums and showed us how to use them. It was incredible.

She showed us how to clear the pendulum and reload it with good positive energy, how to ask it various questions and how to have a conversation with the pendulum. It was very cool!

Robyn even took the time to show my son a few little extra tricks. He took to it like white on rice – he’s so inquisitive that he loves to ask it question after question. It really was a life changing moment that peaked his interest in the spirit world. What a blessing! He was also going through a hard time and this was like the magic he needed – that little spark to intrigue him and take him down a different path.

Robyn and Talking Shift has taught me you really can change your life by connecting to the energies of the Universe – in really tremendous ways!


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